If one had to sum up Kezdown in one word, «Inertia» would be, by far, the perfect term.
An inertia nourished, amplified, motivated, magnified… And this through various events and elements that, although seemingly innocuous, will prove implacable in the slow gestation of this musical project.
A mix of vintage synths, catchy guitars and powerful drums.
Cold as the sun and hot as ice… If you’re wearing black, you should understand.
Kezdown is the meeting between Didier (The Breath of Life, Texas Trauma) and Math who takes up the challenge of a first band.
Very quickly joined by Gus (Texas Trauma, Moderm Cubism).

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Kezdown is the post-punk band around Didier CZ, the bassist of The Breath Of Life.

Their debut album «Escape Lane» (Wool-E Discs 2018) already showed a combination of electronic and new wave guitars, and this «Erosion» also lets us hear a symbiosis between post punk and dark rock with an electronic backbone.


  1. The Call
  2. The Neighbour
  3. Lenina
  4. Hrad
  5. The Bossy One
  6. Erosion
  7. Gold Leaf
  8. Empty Bottles
  9. Safety Peak
  10. Slow But Deadly
  11. Legacy
  12. Slot Machine

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