Specialized independent label

  • New wave
  • Post punk
  • Post Rock
  • Dark wave
  • Indie
  • EBM
  • Human scale structure

    Family structure

    run by music lovers
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    Customized services

    Team of specialists

    Reliable local subcontractors

    Personalized support for our artists

    Our services


    • Management of booking, search for concert dates with organizers, festivals,
    • Fee and expense management
    • Transport management, hotels, transport of equipment, on-site back-line obtaining.


    • Management of contacts with intermediaries in the music industry (producers, studio,
      label, etc.)
    • Management of contracts with intermediaries
    • Public Relations and Communication
    • Management of agendas (concerts, studio, interview etc …)


    • Management of ridders, technical sheets, catering, transport, and accommodation during travel
    • Technical support, sound manager, light, roadies, and equipment if necessary


    From design to distribution, we provide and support:

    • Production, recording studio, mastering costs
    • Pressing physical media and creating imagery
    • Putting digital media online
    • The creation of merch
    • Registration and protection of copyrights, royalties, and synchronization agreements
    • Legal protection in case of litigation or plagiarism
    • Creation and distribution of video media


    • Targeted searches for distribution locations, physical and digital media
    • Management of posters, concert flyers, publications on social networks
    • Management and monitoring of advertising (social networks, websites, magazines, fanzines)
    • Organization of presentation showcase

    All services are modular and interchangeable, each module is negotiable over time.

    All our contracts, documents are reviewed by lawyers specialized in corporate law and copyright.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.