Welcome to the world of AlterProd.

Music production

We are a young music production label completely independent and autonomous created by music and concerts lovers.

Based in Mons (Belgium), Alter Prod is designed in 2020 by Oli.
His goal was to revive some musical styles that he likes but have fallen a little into oblivion.
So, he wanted to introduce them to today’s youth.


Alter Prod specializes in Post punk, New Wave, EBM, Goth, Alternative and Medieval folk music. Its goal is to promote, these musical styles through old and new bands that represent them, a real challenge!
The activities of the label are aimed at the young and / or new curious public but also at those who are nostalgic of a certain era, and who like convivial evenings in rather intimate infrastructures.
At the same time, the label is aimed to help local bands who could not always find the opportunity to perform in a professional environment.
Unfortunately, the project was stopped in its tracks by covid19.

In 2022, Oli is joined by Hemcie, partner in the adventure as in life. Together, they realize that their brains combined with their mutual skills could create a professional structure but with a family and human dimension for the bands who they collaborate with. They can now offer the public some evening-concerts and musical evenings in which the friendly atmosphere will dissuade the participant from going back home or wishing that the music stops!
The creation of the SRL is underway and the structure is officially born at the end of 2022.
The activity starts in 2023 with the programming of one gig-evening a month at Studio Canal10 in Tertre, and the participation in various events throughout the region.

Take Off

The enthusiasm is so strong that some months two concert evenings are planned. Moreover, other programmers and organizations wish to invite the bands of the AlterProd label and / or suggest some partnerships.

What does AlterProd concretely offer? ?

  • To the bands we offer a professional structure based on collaboration and support. We never work without losing sight of the human dimension and a personalized follow-up. Our label aims to produce albums from A to Z. From design to broadcast, including the creation of video clips, concert management and merchandising.
    We also take care of booking, management, and technical support for events. But also advertising and distribution.
    Each activity can be done independently according to the needs of the band or be included in a set of services.
    All services are modular and switchable, each module can be negotiated over time.
    All our contracts and documents are reviewed by lawyers specializing in corporate law and copyright.
    For more details, please refer to the “Activities” section.
    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding music production.
  • To the public, we offer to discover or rediscover bands during concert evenings in friendly places where you do not need eyeglasses to see the scene and at a democratic price.

Oli Dck

Passionate adventurer in the musical world for more than 25 years, he began professionally within the ASBL Manufactor, and continued to evolve as a sound engineer for bands like De Volanges, Ah people (side project of J3 d’à; GRUMH…), Kezdown. He also works for various small venues including Canal10, as well as in several festivals such as Troll and Legends, Iguanorock, Labotronics. His second passion being photography, as soon as he is not behind his console, he shoots concerts.

His goal in creating the Alter Prod label and structure to combine his knowledge in the musical environment both at the human and technical level and to give them at the disposal of bands that want to start or progress in the field. If he is not busy booking you, negotiating contracts or planning a musical production, he will be behind his console, on the stage before or after the concerts to install / disassemble the gear or the eye hidden behind the lens of his camera.


Trained as an artist, she began her career in events through a textile and scenic machinery company, she built expertise in theatre where she oversaw technique, control rooms, but was also involved with the creation of advertising posters and led workshops. She had the opportunity collaborate contracts with RTBF (the French-speaking Belgian television).

She has followed her career as a facilitator in different sectors. Life deviated her professionally from the artistic field but allowed her to train and specialize in communication.

This experience helped her to gather many useful skills that she will use to promote bands, events, and other projects. She will also often be the first speaker for artists and the public during the Alter Prod evenings.


Professional graphic designer and music lover, Titi is also a bass player. Oli and Titi know each other for years.

They have collaborated in various bands including Kill My Pain, Echoing Drifters and Back24, his current cover metal band.

He will be the main collaborator of your advertising visuals and other ancillary products.

When he’s not glued to his screen, you will find him on the stage busy as a roadie.