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Enid offers an aerial music, woven on the thread, between Soft rock – Soft grunge – Indie Rock and Dream Rock. Enid’s music is an escape into a chimerical world full of dreams and poetry.

A name of Celtic origin, Enid means “spirit, soul”. And this is what the group wants to bring out through its captivating compositions, on the border of the sensitive and the strange … The compositions were born from the creative fusion of Nawal and Pascal, the founding members of the group: fire and ice, passion, and phlegm.

Nawal is an impulsive, compulsive, and intuitive creator and composer, she is pure emotionality. Previously, she presented herself alone, with her acoustic guitar, under the name Enwell. Pascal is the temperance and wisdom of Enid. Known as a drummer in bands like Kinsley, Blutch or The Diplomat, he integrates his 90’s rock influences into the ethereal universe of Nawal.

Bruno Carrari joined Enid with his bass in 2021, as soon as the prospects of concerts presented themselves. In love with groove and rhythm, he brings his experience of the stage and completes the group perfectly.

In 2021, Enid released his first 2 singles, “Runaway Girl” and “And I”, which could be heard on Classic 21, before releasing in 2022 their first EP entitled “Paracosmic Collision”. In 2023, Enid signs on the label Alter Prod with the project of releasing a first album, scheduled for 2024.