+ No More - Dark Minimal Project

19 avril 2024 
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“Their grandiose themes paint the sky, and all that’s left to do is lie back and admire the view” – SOUNDS UK, 1986

Canada’s best known Dark Synthpop act. This duo of electronic pioneers have been bringing their dramatic lyrical soundscapes with goth atmospherics, and crafty drum machine grooves to life for the past four decades!

NO MORE are well-known for their indie-classic “Suicide Commando”, which spread, since it’s
release in 1981, internationally like a virus regardless of genre and scene.
The German band NO MORE is founded in 1979 – when Punk and New Wave sweeps away the 70s.
And they split up in 1986 when the 80s are getting too 80s.

Formed in 2022 in Lille (France), the duo is made up of :
Guillaume (Songwriter – Vocals – Keyboards and
Programming) and Ange Vesper (Keyboards – Vocals – Pads).
Peter Rainman (People Theatre) supervises the arrangements and
arrangements and production.
Electro-oriented, the band aims to follow in the footsteps of today’s
Synthwave/ Darkwave.